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I Know What It's Like To Deal With Challenges In Marriage And Not Have Other Women To Talk To 

Dear Midlife Wife,

I want you to know that I see you, I see you in these years where it’s easy to feel invisible with so much going on with everyone else: your kids, your parents and even your husband.

It’s funny how I used to think that the early years of marriage and parenting were “so hard” and yet there were so many books and resources and people willing to talk about it and give advice.

But these “midlife-sandwich generation-empty nest-menopausal” years? Not so much.

Plus, who are you going to talk to?

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a girlfriend or a sister that you can lean on but is she someone you’re comfortable talking about vaginal dryness with?

Would you feel comfortable asking her for advice about your adult children who she knows?

What about the challenges that your husband is facing with ED or premature ejaculation? Does she really want to know about that?

Or even the demands on you as your parents need more help and care?

Where are you going to get the coaching and community you need in this season?

As I got closer to my 50s, I realized that there were a lot of women around me with sisters and friends who weren’t having these types of conversations OR not getting the answers they needed to the questions they had.

And the end result was wives everywhere feeling:

  • lonely
  • overwhelmed
  • burnt out
  • stuck
  • hormonal
  • emotional
  • and powerless.

It's time to take action.

Why the BOLD Wives Club?

You’ve spent years taking care of everyone else–finding the answers, making sure they are taking care of, addressing their needs. Now, it’s your turn.

I want you to look at these years with excitement as if these are the BEST years of your life. I want to create a place where you are encouraged in this season, get your questions answered, form community and recognize that YOU can cultivate BOLDness now!

So, Midlife Wife, you are not alone and you don’t have to feel like you don’t know which way to turn…

It’s time for you to be BOLD.

Alisa DiLorenzo
BOLD Wives Club Founder

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Become the BEST You

With the BOLD Wives Club

The BOLD Wives Club provides you with the tools you need for your BOLD Breakthrough.

Inside the BOLD Wives Club you will:

Understand what it means for you to become BOLD.
Have access to experts in areas that matter to you.
Rediscover your voice and dreams for the future.


All of this happens in our supportive community of wives just like you, led by a seasoned marriage coach with over 10 years of experience and BOLD experts.

BOLD Wives Website Hero Image (1)
BOLD Wives Website Hero Image (2)

Go from financial pressure to new job opportunities, just like Sandy

14 days risk-free. If you don't get real value, we'll give your money back.


When you join BOLD Wives Club, you get access to…

Marriage coaching and wisdom

Alisa has 10+ years coaching over 500 couples around the world, is the best selling author of The 6 Pillars of Intimacy: The Secret to an Extraordinary Marriage and co-host of the top rated marriage podcast, The ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show.

An ever-growing library of on-demand sessions

Join in for regular, LIVE workshop sessions with BOLD Experts on the topics that matter to you in midlife.

A safe and supportive community

You’ll find encouragement, empathy, connection, and answers from Alisa, experts and the other wives in the community.

The exact know-how you need to breathe again

Kiss burnout goodbye for good, take control and confidently take the right next steps toward your growth.

Specific tools and strategies for action

Being BOLD doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of specific actions taken consistently.

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14-day money back guarantee

Join our supportive community of wives.
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