Wives Deserve A Community They Can Trust

I invite you to become a Brave, Open Minded, Loving and Decisive (BOLD) Wife.

Supportive Community

Deep Connections

Strong Marriage

It’s Hard To Find A Supportive Place To Connect With Other Married Women About Real Challenges

Being part of a supportive wives community means having a network of empathetic women who understand and uplift each other through the challenges and joys of married life, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared wisdom. It provides a platform for mutual encouragement, advice, and the celebration of each member's personal and marital achievements.

Wives Deserve A Community They Can Trust.

Being part of a trusted community of wives entails belonging to a close-knit group where mutual respect, confidentiality, and genuine support form the foundation of relationships. Members can openly share their experiences, seek advice without judgment, and rely on the collective wisdom of the community to navigate the complexities of marriage with a sense of security and understanding.

Grow a BOLD Mindset

Instead of waiting for life to happen, wives in the community find themselves reflecting on what it means to be BOLD before entering difficult of challenging situations. 


Learn to Be Decisive

Whether through circumstances or conditioning wives can lose their ability to be decisive as they take care of everyone else. In this community you are celebrated for making those decisions that strengthen yourself and your marriage. 


Encouragement to Be Brave

It’s easy to play it safe, to go with the flow–but an extraordinary marriage is on the other side of your bravery. It’s incredible to be part of a community that encourages you to step out of your comfort zone.


Permission to Love Self

Wives often make sure everyone else is cared for and loved on–often to the detriment of self. It’s time to love on YOU!


Alisa Bold Wives Club 2

I Know What It's Like To Deal With Challenges In Marriage And Not Have Other Women To Talk To 

Tony and I got married in 1996 and I spent so many of those early married years not having women around me that I felt that I could “really” talk to.

We were the first of our friends to get married and didn’t know other married couples. It was hard to be a newlywed wife trying to figure things out by myself.

When we started having kids we had recently moved and didn’t have a lot of friends who also had kids. I was lost in navigating the changes that were happening in our marriage when we became parents.

As the kids grew and we started business together, friendships changed and I found that it could be difficult to talk about the “real things” happening in our marriage.

Now, the kids are all about to fly the nest and marriage is changing once again. The circumstances of having adult children, aging, and rediscovering life without kids in the home makes me all the more aware of the power of community.

I look back over all of these seasons of being a wife and realized that creating a community of wives could change the face of marriage!

Since 2010 I’ve co-hosted the top rated marriage podcast, ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show, with my husband and written numerous best selling books including, The 6 Pillars of Intimacy: The Secret to an Extraordinary Marriage.

Over the last 13+ years I have coached individual wives to become Brave, Open minded, Loving and Decisive and yet there was something missing—community!

Wives on a mission to create a supportive community, deeper connections with other wives, and ultimately strong marriages.

Your BOLD journey starts here!

Your 3 Steps to Become a BOLD Wife

Make a decision today to become a BOLD Wife. When you do things begin to change!


Join the BOLD Wives Club

Once you do we will focus on bringing out the BOLDNESS in you whether through specific conversations, worksheets, or small breakout rooms.


Attend Your First Virtual Meeting

Together we support, connect and encourage one another to be BOLD Wives. We have 2 virtual club meetings per month. 


Get to Know Other BOLD Wives

Topics like body image, initiating sex, menopause, life after kids, and more will give you opportunities to meet other BOLD Wives.

Join the BOLD Wives Club

Yes, I want a community like this!

BOLD Wives Monthly

$97 Monthly
  • BOLD Wives Club Welcome Gift (Value $50)
  • 2 Virtual Club Meetings Per Month (Value $1200)
  • Private Online Community for Deeper Connection with Other BOLD Wives (Value $600)
  • Guest Experts Who Will Expand on What It Means and How to be BOLD (Value $1200)
  • Friends for Life (Priceless)

BOLD Wives Manifesto

We Are Wives Who:

  • We want to create our own extraordinary marriage.
  • We have a willingness to hear new ideas and learn from others.
  • We put forth effort to address what we need to in ourselves. 
  • We acknowledge that our marriage can only be as healthy as the individuals within the marriage are healthy—to that end we work to get ourselves relationally, emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, and sexually healthy.

Believe We Are Stronger In Community

  • We want to know that we are not alone.
  • We value the ability to be real and vulnerable with other women in order to better understand ourselves.
  • We realize that isolation kills marriage and that strong, supportive community builds it.
  • We recognize that we can see the world differently and still respect one another. 

Value Our Husbands

  • We recognize that bashing men doesn’t serve ANY purpose.
  • We choose to keep this community free of husband bashing and instead seek solutions to our marital challenges.
  • We understand that men and women are different and celebrate the differences that our husbands have.
  • We want to be on the same team with the man we said “I do” to.

Take Action

  • We understand that it’s action that changes a marriage not information.
  • We know that to change the feelings you must first change the actions.
  • We don’t just react to a situation, rather we choose to be curious about what’s happening so that we can respond.
  • We acknowledge that we have the ability to change our circumstances when we change our actions.


Download Your BOLD Wives Habit Tracker Guide

What you focus on is what you will become. Use this guide to become a BOLD Wife!

Hear from Other Bold Wives

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