BOLD Wives Manifesto

We Are Wives Who:

  • We want to create our own extraordinary marriage.
  • We have a willingness to hear new ideas and learn from others.
  • We put forth effort to address what we need to in ourselves. 
  • We acknowledge that our marriage can only be as healthy as the individuals within the marriage are healthy—to that end we work to get ourselves relationally, emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, and sexually healthy.

Believe We Are Stronger In Community

  • We want to know that we are not alone.
  • We value the ability to be real and vulnerable with other women in order to better understand ourselves.
  • We realize that isolation kills marriage and that strong, supportive community builds it.
  • We recognize that we can see the world differently and still respect one another. 

Value Our Husbands

  • We recognize that bashing men doesn’t serve ANY purpose.
  • We choose to keep this community free of husband bashing and instead seek solutions to our marital challenges.
  • We understand that men and women are different and celebrate the differences that our husbands have.
  • We want to be on the same team with the man we said “I do” to.

Take Action

  • We understand that it’s action that changes a marriage not information.
  • We know that to change the feelings you must first change the actions.
  • We don’t just react to a situation, rather we choose to be curious about what’s happening so that we can respond.
  • We acknowledge that we have the ability to change our circumstances when we change our actions.

Make a decision today to become a BOLD Wife. When you do things begin to change!